Monday, March 17, 2014

Recipe Series!! Only the BEST non-dairy-frozen-dessert you'll ever eat!

Hey guys!! Guess what?! NEW POST! i know you are all as excited as i am. ;) I wanted to post some of the recipes that i come up with, but i wanted to make sure that they are distinguished from the other posts that i have--non-recipe ones. So anytime that you see a post that starts with "Recipe Series" that's it! Get excited!

First i'll give you a lil update on what's going on with me :)

I'm into my 9th week of my last semester! 5 more weeks to go! That's pretty exciting...well now that i think about it it's actually 6 weeks to go since it's only Monday...shoot. Anyways! I am also assistant coaching for my high school's varsity softball team--which i am SOOOOO stoked about! Yeah! 

I'm gonna be shooting for at least 2-3 posts this week, so feast your eyes on this LOVELY deliciousness that i put in front of you.

Yeah i'm pretty crafty that way ;) I had seriously SO much fun making this. I've seen lots of different recipes for Banana Ice Cream, and i have actually made some before, but NEVER like this.

I'll tell ya a story about my adventures with Dairy-free vegan ice cream. I have this raw food recipe book (because i'm not sure if i CAN, i won't disclose the title) that made vegan ice cream with cashews and orange and agave. It was DELISH, however it was a WHOPPING 220ish calories per serving! and it was a SMALL serving! Now, this recipe was NOT unhealthy by any means & if it's relatively healthy, i don't worry about the calories so much (they are SUCH a hassle to count), but i was shocked. 

So then i found a recipe using BANANAS! & i loved it! However, the first time i made it, it was wayyyyy to banana-y for me. I love bananas, but the flavor was slightly overwhelming. 

So over a year later, here i am. With this amazing BLUEBERRY PEANUT BUTTER BANANA ICE CREAM recipe for you. 

I wanted something fancy for lunch one day that wasn't really all that "lunch-y" & i did it. :) Here it is:

~2 frozen bananas--i left mine in overnight so they were SUPER hard
~2 tbsp almond milk--i made my own, but that's a different recipe. I actually posted it to my instagram! Go follow me! kiahleigh3 :)
~1/2 cup frozen blueberries (this is totally not an accurate measure, i just dumped them in, but it shouldn't affect how the ice cream turns out!)
~1 tsp  creamy peanut butter
~chia seeds & extra blueberries for decoration

Throw all ingredients in a food processor or blender (blender will take longer due to lack of liquid) and puree till smooth! That's it! Then transfer to a pretty bowl & garnish with the chia & blueberries & eat up! 
There are APPROXIMATELY 270-300 calories in this, 270 not including the blueberries. I didn't add those because i didn't think it's a big deal. I can explain the method to my madness later, but in all seriousness? You need to make this. It is SO creamy & satisfying you won't regret it! 

Till another day! Much love!

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  1. So I tried to comment awhile ago from my phone, but that's a pain and the comment wouldn't post. Trying from my computer today and found that you have to log in FIRST or it erases your comment (notice my user name: techi-lame). Anyway, I bought ingredients for muffins before vacation but ran out of time. I'm back and going to make them today since it's so unseasonably cool. I can't wait to try them, as I am new to vegan cooking and have yet to BAKE something! I will let you know how they are. I wasn't going to, but I also just realized I have both bananas AND blueberries in the house - just put some in the freezer...